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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
and strength this must be it. >> by shop lori left connecticut last year to assume duties here. he says the shoot shootings has brought to mind the security issues at catholic schools as well. >> and hairy reid is now calling on congress to have a meaningful conversation on how to stop gun violence. reid saysthe debate should take place in the next weeks. he saidcongress hasn't done enough to protect us, especially our children. the senate began today session with a moment of silence for the victims. andstay with us for more up to date information on the school shooting. we have a spot set up our website alleges. >> folks said more than a dozen people jumped out of a three-had story apartment building after a fire. don harrison reports from cambridge. >> in 35 years i've never seen a person jump out of a building. in 5 minutes last night i saw at least 10, 15 people. >> the flames reached four- alarm status as people jumped from their windows to the ground below. one hundredfirefighters spent almost two hours to bring the fire under control. >> they were jumping -- jumping from the
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
in newtown, connecticut who sent their kids back to school for the first time since the shooting. sandy hookelementary remains closed and a second elementary school was kept closed for precautionary reasons. >> i know a lot of people are nervous. >> i think getting back to review toon is the -- routine is the best thing. >> at st. rose of lima church, back to back funerals. severalminutes after one casket was placed inside a hears, another casket was carried into the church. several other services are also planned for today. onebody was returned to utah with her family. in monroe, they are preparing a school for the sandy hook elementary students to attend. >> we're going to work with everybody through the process to provide everything they need. >> the criminal investigation is o proceeding as investigators search through every aspect of gunman, adam lanza life. >> sandy hook elementary will likely begin classes after the holidays in january. . >> and remember, you can find the very latest information about the tragedy at our website at we have a special session on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2